Women’s Health 101: Do Your Hormones Have A Connection With Your Oral Hygiene?

Women’s Health 101: Do Your Hormones Have A Connection With Your Oral Hygiene?

Being a woman isn’t easy. It’s pretty tough, especially when your body goes through a hundred changes during the course of your lifetime.

And while we all know how difficult it is with all the mood swings, hunger pangs, pelvic pain, fatigue, and all the other symptoms of hormonal imbalance, how many of know about its connection with our oral health?

What exactly is the connection between hormonal changes and our oral health?

Here’s everything you need to know:

During Puberty

During puberty, estrogen and progesterone levels rise. This leads to gum sensitivity because the flow of blood to the gums increases. This changes the way gums react to plaque and bacteria.

That’s why during our teenage years, we struggle with tooth sensitivity, swollen and red gums, as well as bleeding gums.

During Menopause

During menopause, your body goes through several complex changes that can leave you feeling irritated and confused about what is happening.

Several medications prescribed for women going through menopause can also trigger and make symptoms worse. But more than that, they can lead to changes in taste buds, dry mouth, increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods.

Dry mouth also increases the risks of tooth decay.

During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your hormones go into overdrive. That’s why you experience a lot of physical, as well as mental changes.

Your body starts expanding, you become more emotional, moody, and sensitive. And your oral health becomes affected as well.

Swollen gums during pregnancy aren’t uncommon and a lot of women develop gingivitis—a mild form of gum disease.

The symptoms usually show up during the third trimester but sometimes, women don’t notice these symptoms until much later.

Some women develop gum disease during their eighth month.

All in all, it’s a good idea to create a good oral hygiene routine that works well for you.

It’s also a good idea to visit a dentist regularly who can guide you on the best possible ways to take care of your oral health.

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