Want to Look younger? Start With Your Teeth

Want to Look younger? Start With Your Teeth

Do you feel that you look several years older than you actually are? This is a concern that plagues many individuals.  It may be due to an untimely wrinkle, a silver hair or uneven complexion. However, it is usually the teeth where age first starts to show.

The quality of the smile makes a big difference on the impression that you create on others, and your smile mainly depends on how your teeth look. Like it or not, people look at your teeth and make an inference about your age. If your teeth are damaged and yellowish, then you will look older than you actually are. Missing teeth will add several more years to your appearance, as your face will cave-in and develop wrinkles near the mouth.

Even if you have a habit of maintaining a good oral hygiene routine, the enamel on your teeth will wear down over time, making your teeth look discolored. Your teeth could also develop decay, due to periodontal disease or any other gum disease.

However, you have to keep in mind that all this is natural. So rather than fretting about it, the best things you can do is visit your dentist and find a suitable solution.

Here are some great dental solutions that are available today to make the teeth white and healthy again:

Dental Veneers

If you think that your teeth are discolored or out of shape, then you can go for dental veneers. They are porcelain shells that are attached on top of the natural teeth in order to restore the aesthetics of the teeth. They look and feel just like natural teeth, and do not require any significant dental procedure for putting them in place.

Getting dental veneers will provide you with a picture perfect smile that many people only dream of and make you look several years younger.

Teeth Whitening

Regular consumption of coffee, red wine, tobacco and acidic foods combined with poor oral hygiene can hasten the discoloration and staining of your teeth.

Dentists today provide teeth whitening procedures that can whiten your teeth instantly and bring back the whiteness and sparkle. The procedure usually involves putting a rubber shield on the gums for protection and then applying whitening product. The active ingredient in the product is usually carbamide peroxide or hydrogen oxide.


Don’t like the way braces look? You can also go with invisalign in order to straighten your teeth. Invisalign is a custom-made plastic tray that is worn over the teeth like a mouth guard. It gradually aligns the teeth without being too painful as compared to braces or brackets.

Invisalign is practically invisible, so no one will be able to tell if you are wearing invisalign to improve the alignment of your teeth.

Other than these three, there are various other options that you may want to explore. Visit our website if you want to learn cosmetic enhancements. We are the one of the leading dental service in the area and provide comprehensive dental solutions.

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