Top 6 Foods that Damage your Teeth

Top 6 Foods that Damage your Teeth

Health is among the many blessings we take for granted. Whether it’s sugary drinks or snacks, candies or desserts, we don’t give it a second thought before putting them in our mouths!

We’re all well aware of how junk food isn’t good for our health, but do you know that it can negatively affect your oral health as well?

Do you keep a check on what goes into your mouth? If not, this blog’s for you!

Take a look at some of the foods you should avoid and the damage they do to your teeth:

1. A Little Candy is Okay — Or Is It?

If you have a sweet tooth, this one’s for you! While a little candy intake seems harmless, excessive sugar intake causes cavities. On top of that, chewing hard candies puts excessive strain on your teeth, often leading to chipped or broken teeth.

2. Citrus Rush

Who doesn’t love a glass of lemon juice?

While citric acid is good for your skin, excessive citrus intake erodes your tooth enamel, leading to decay. Citrus juices also cause mouth sores and aren’t exactly the ideal choice for your mouth. So the next time you’re up for a citrus rush, be sure to keep a check on your intake!

3. Watch your Caffeine Intake

Most of us prefer taking our tea and coffee with sugar. Unfortunately, that’s not really a good combination for your teeth! It causes your mouth to dry out; frequent intake of caffeinated drinks also stains your teeth.

4. Potato Chips and Snacks

What’s more satisfying than that ‘crunch’ sound as you munch on your favorite snacks?

Potato snacks have high starch content, which causes plaque build-up. This doesn’t mean you have to give up on your favorite chips. All you have to do is ensure proper flossing after eating. Flossing removes build-up in places a toothbrush can’t reach.

5. Switch from Soda to Water

High in sugar content, soda also causes plaque build-up. The bacteria in your mouth interact with sugar to form an acid. This acid attacks your enamel, causing it to deteriorate.

With every bottle of soda, you’re triggering this reaction for around 20 minutes! There’s only so much your tooth can put up with before it starts decaying!

6. Alcohol Consumption

It’s no surprise, excessive alcohol consumption is the root cause of several health problems. However, what’s surprising is its effect on your oral health. High alcohol intake reduces the production of saliva, leading to tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Excessive alcohol consumption also increases the risk of mouth, throat, liver, and several other forms of cancer.

Simply put, your oral health significantly depends on what you eat and drink. Keeping a check on your diet is key to maintaining good oral hygiene.

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