The Tooth Extraction Process: All There Is To Know

The Tooth Extraction Process: All There Is To Know

Many of us don’t realize the importance of maintaining proper dental hygiene. At least not until it’s too late and you have no choice but to get a tooth extracted completely.

As the name suggests, tooth extraction is a process that involves forceful removal of the tooth using forceps.

We understand that simply reading words like ‘forceps’ and ‘forceful removal’ can instill fear in your heart but in reality, the process of tooth extraction is not as scary as it sounds. Let’s take a look at the steps involved in this procedure:

Numbing the Tooth

The first step is numbing the tooth. In addition to that, the dentist also numbs the bone and the tissue around the tooth. You might feel a pinch when the dentist administers the shot, but other than that, the rest of the process does not hurt as bad as it sounds.


Once the tooth has been numbed, the doctor begins with the extraction process. The process can be a bit complicated since the root of the tooth is enclosed in the bone and held together by ligaments.

In order to extract the tooth, the dentist will have to enlarge the socket and then remove ligaments that bind the teeth together.

The whole point of this practice is to loosen up the tooth so that it can be easily removed.

The dentist applies pressure to both sides of the tooth and rocks it back and forth. As a result, the bone compresses and the tooth becomes loose.

Tools Used

During the entire process, dentists will use various tools, which will be used in order to remove teeth. Some of the tools that they use include forceps and extended levers, which are referred to as ‘elevators’.

What Does the Patient Feel During the Process?

Since your tooth would be numb during the process, you wouldn’t feel any kind of pain. However, you might feel some pressure in your mouth.

It’s not painful though. You just get the sensation that a steady force is being applied to your tooth during the process.

You will also hear startling noises like sound of tooth breaking etc. During the process, the roots also break and you will hear these sounds as well.

Once the process is over, your dentist will ask you if you want to go for tooth restoration. However, all of that really depends on you. You might also have bleeding and swelling in gums but a few hours pos-procedure, these issues will go away.

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