The Link Between Heart Health And Oral Health Will Surprise You!

The Link Between Heart Health And Oral Health Will Surprise You!

It may sound strange but your heart health has a lot to do with your oral hygiene.

The American Heart Association reports that brushing your teeth twice a day, for two minutes, can reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Researchers analyzed and observed the habits of 682 people and found that those who didn’t brush their teeth twice a day had a three-fold risk of developing heart disease, compared to those who did.

But what’s the connection? How does your oral health affect your heart?

Here’s what you should know:

Poor Oral Hygiene Affects Blood Pressure

If you have hypertension, poor oral hygiene can worsen the condition, and trigger symptoms.

One study found that those with gum disease and high blood pressure were 20 percent less likely to reach a normal blood pressure level.

The same study revealed that those with good oral health had normal blood pressure, and responded better to blood pressure medication.

Oral Inflammation Damages Blood Vessels

A study published by Harvard Health Publishing shows that oral bacteria can lead to clots by releasing toxins into the artery walls of the heart.

The toxins could also be released into the bloodstream. Those with an already weak immune system can suffer from a heart attack or stroke because of this.

There are also chances that oral inflammation can worsen inflammation in the body—especially if you have an existing disorder or disease that causes inflammation.

What Can you Do About It?

If you have heart disease or are at risk, taking care of your oral health can go a long way in preventing problems.

But good oral hygiene isn’t just limited to brushing your teeth twice a day. You need to floss your teeth every day as well.

Flossing can help remove plaque from hard-to-reach places between your teeth. Rinsing your pearly whites with mouthwash regularly is also helpful.

Experts at the American Dental Association recommend using mouthwash in limited amounts to prevent bad breath, periodontal disease, and cavities.

In addition, it’s also recommended that you regularly visit a dentist, especially if you’re at risk for developing gum disease. You should visit your dentist every couple of months.

A dentist has all the resources and tools, as well as the expertise to guide you on how to maintain your teeth and oral hygiene.

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