Stop Ruining Your Teeth! Here Are 5 Dental Habits You Need to Change

Stop Ruining Your Teeth! Here Are 5 Dental Habits You Need to Change

Although you practice good dental hygiene, your choppers aren’t as strong as you may have thought. You’ve got a chip or maybe something even more and it’s painful. But all you can think about is the scolding you’ll get from your dentist about your bad dental care habits.

But perhaps that scolding is necessary. We practice so many dental habits that are not only harmful to our teeth, but to our gums as well. It’s a wonder that many of us don’t suffer from more dental problems.

So if you want to prevent yourself from damaging your teeth even further, perhaps now’s the time to stop practicing the following bad dental habits:

– Chewing Ice

Yes, it’s fun and satisfying to chew on ice, but its hell on your teeth. Chewing the frozen blocks of ice can crack and even chip your tooth, and cause irritation to your mouth’s soft tissue, which can thus lead to gum sensitivity. Have mercy on your teeth and switch to drinking cold water or have some sugarless gum the next time you want to chew on ice.

– Tongue Piercings

Don’t hop on the trend bandwagon! Those seemingly stylish metal studs can do a number on your choppers—enough to actually cause tooth loss. Mouth piercings can often cause sores and infections, and can be very dangerous if the tongue stud is pierced through a blood vessel. So it’s better to not take the risk!

– Bruxism

This is fairly common if you suffer from sleep or stress habits. Bruxism or teeth grinding can cause pain to your upper and lower molars so if you feel any pain, ask your doctor for a night guard so you don’t grind your teeth while you sleep.

– Using Teeth to Open Things

Your mouth is not a bottle opener. Stop using it like one. Using your teeth mainly to tear things open or popping the tops off something can cause major chips and breaks. Take our advice; use scissors and proper bottle openers. Use your teeth for eating.

– Eating Potato Chips

This’ll be hard on you. But if you truly want to have a full set of teeth when you grow old, it’s best if you limit your chip intake. The bacteria in your teeth which break down the food into acid can attack your teeth as well, especially if you have food stuck between your teeth. Always floss after eating chips or chew on some cucumber slices to satisfy your need for the crunch.

Book Yourself a Dental Appointment!

Now that you’re aware of your bad habits, your next step should be to book an appointment with a Bethesda Dental Health to get your teeth checked straight away!

After you’re done, follow the advice above and take good care of your teeth. Make your dentist proud!


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