Signs You Need A Periodontist Urgently

Signs You Need A Periodontist Urgently

According to American Dental Association, 47 percent of the adult population suffers from gum disease.

One of the biggest disservices that we do to our dental health is delaying our dental appointments. You may ignore a normal toothache as a regular nuisance, but it can aggravate into a gum infection or require a root canal treatment.

If you’re avoiding a dentist because of the fear of pain, that consequence only doubles in severity as the problem worsens. Self-medication is highly inadvisable unless prescribed by a dentist themselves).

It’s best to visit a reliable dental facility at the slightest sign of discomfort. Here are some red flags that should warn you against seeing a periodontist urgently.

Change In Your Bite

Any problems during regular jaw functions are telltale signs of any dental problems. If you have trouble chewing, speaking or brushing your teeth, note it. It may be a sign of something larger that needs your attention. If it’s something you noticed recently, it’s worth informing your dentist. This could potentially be a sign of a change in bite. Leaving the problem unchecked can only breed more complications.

Swollen or Sore Gums

Experiencing soreness in your gums is not a normal occurrence. If your gums tend to bleed while brushing or eating, it’s important to keep track of these occurrences. While it might be because of any mishaps that occurred at your hands (such as harsh brushing or flossing), it’s most likely an indicator of gum disease. An important factor to note here is that the severity of pain and your tolerance threshold doesn’t need to be factored in. A condition that hurts slightly minimally right now could turn into something worse due to negligence.

Loose Teeth

If you feel like your teeth have become loos it’s worth mentioning to your dentist. It’s certainly not normal for a healthy jaw to lose out teeth for no reason. However, this often happens when infections aggravate to the extent that gums start to recede. We know that dental implants are a possible solution for missing teeth but it’s our top-most priority to save your natural teeth. Seek medical attention when it’s due.

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