Signs You May Need a Root Canal Treatment

Signs You May Need a Root Canal Treatment

Ah, root canals. Simply mentioning this term sends shivers down some people’s spines. It’s probably because in their minds, this is an invasive procedure that is extremely painful.

However, we can assure that a lot of the things that you hear about root canals are just myths. Yes, there was a time when root canals were painful but modern technology has made it pretty much pain-free.

Let’s dig a little deeper and take a look at what this process really is all about:

Root Canal

The term root canal can be used to describe two separate things; it can be used to describe the path inside your teeth that is right between root and the pulp. The roots are located near the nerves and blood vessels.

Root canal is also used to describe the process, which is used for removing infected nerves from the teeth.

Cavities that decay and damage the teeth can result in the hole becoming big enough to damage the soft pulp within the tooth. Bacteria and germs can find their way in the hole and can lead to severe pain. After the procedure, the pain in your tooth subsides and you also find it easier to chew food.

Now that you know about root canals, let’s take a look at some of the symptoms that may indicate you need a root canal treatment:

Swelling and Inflammation in Gums

Is there swelling and inflammation in your gums? This is a sign of a root canal infection. We suggest you immediately get in touch with dentists. This is important because the infection can worsen over time and result in result in bleeding as well.

Sensitive Teeth

As stated earlier, root canals usually occur in nerves that are located at the root of your teeth. These nerves react to both cold as well as hot stimuli and can lead to pain in your teeth.

Therefore, when you have infection, your teeth also become more sensitive and you feel pain every time you eat or drink something.


Pain is a common complaint among people who are suffering from tooth infections. It can get overwhelming at times and can make your life miserable. You can’t eat any food. In fact, even applying light pressure can lead to severe pain.

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