Signs That You May Need a Denture Repair

Signs That You May Need a Denture Repair

Thanks to modern dentistry, we no longer have to live without teeth for the rest of our lives. Dentures are an excellent alternative to natural teeth and provide excellent functionality and aesthetics. They are made with acrylic resin and are joined together in sets using an acrylic or metal base. Dentures come with several options, including full dentures, partial dentures, flexible partial dentures and dental implants.

Like natural teeth, dentures require proper care and maintenance in order to function effectively.  If your dentures require any sort of repair or adjustment, have the problem addressed as soon as possible to prevent future complications.

Here are a few signs that your dentures are in need of repairs:

Broken Dentures

If you accidentally drop your dentures, one or more teeth may break off the set. If his happens, you shouldn’t put your dentures on or try to reattach the tooth using an adhesive.

Dentures can only be repaired by professionals, therefore, consider taking them to your dentist before trying them on.

Cracked Dentures

In some cases, a tooth may not break off but only chip or crack. Again, do not wear your dentures if any of the teeth are cracked or chipped since you could risk cutting your gums or tongue.

Cracked dentures are also susceptible to more bacterial activity, which means higher risks of infections if used.


You may have experienced a little discomfort with your dentures early on, but that should have receded as you started wearing your dentures regularly. However, if you are still facing any sort of discomfort then your dentures need adjustment.

This usually happens when the dentures put uneven pressure on the gums, which can lead to gum sores.

Difficulty in Chewing

The primary function of dentures is restoring regular eating habits. However, if you are facing any sort of difficulty while enjoying your favorite foods, then you probably need to have your dentures adjusted.

This happens when the dentures don’t fit right. If you continue using your dentures in this way, you will develop gum sores.

Bad Breath

Acrylic dentures hasve small pores, which is why it is a better surface for bacteria to live and thrive as compared to natural teeth. If you don’t clean your dentures properly, you could experience denture halitosis.

However, if you are experiencing bad breath even after thoroughly rinsing and cleaning your dentures, they may need repair.

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