Signs You May Be Headed For A Dental Emergency

Signs You May Be Headed For A Dental Emergency

While devouring a steak you feel a piercing pain in your teeth, you ignore the discomfort  and concentrate on the delicious steak. Ever wonder if it’s the first sign of an impending dental disaster?

Quick action can limit the damage caused by tooth catastrophe. But for that you need to be aware of the signs and triggers that lead to dental emergencies.

Loose Teeth

Tooth loss should be limited to your milk teeth. If the tooth fairy is visiting you in your 40s then there is a dental emergency at bay. If you experience no pain, and have a tooth that is loose in the socket, likelihood of an injury or infection affecting your tooth is really high.

If you experience redness and bleeding in the gums along with the loose tooth, you might have an advance gum disease. These conditions, if left untreated can lead to other diseases and even a heart attack in severe cases. Therefore, you need to book a dentists appointment before the infection starts to spread.

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is a common occurrence among many people, but not all aches are emergencies. If the pain is frequent and severe, you might have developed an abscess, crack, or cavity in your teeth. Toothache becomes a problem when your teeth become sensitive to touch and temperature change. So, get immediate consultation for persistent pain.

Swollen Jaw-line

Swelling around the mouth or the chin can be a result of multiple factors like, skin infection, swollen lymph node, or a gum infection. If the swelling is limited to one region and is not putting you in discomfort, then you can apply cold compress and wait for it to disappear.

But if the swelling is causing you extreme pain, then get medical attention immediately.

Numbness In Tooth

Pain is an unwanted sensation, but so is lack of sensation. Numbness in mouth region is a sign of an infection gone rouge. Infection causes abscess, when it accumulates closer to the nerves, sensation in your gums is hampered. To rectify this situation you may need a root canal.

Bad Taste In Mouth

A broken filling or an infection can cause your mouth to taste bitter and metallic. You might even get a case of bad breath.  A broken filling can cause damage to the affected tooth and needs immediate refilling.

Cold, Head Ache, And Tooth Pain

If your common cold is accompanied with persistent tooth pain then you are fighting a gum infection or an abscess. So if your fever, headache, and tooth pain stays longer than a week, get in touch with your dentist.


It’s hard to pinpoint the leading cause of fatigue; it can be your work, depression, or even a gum infection. Therefore, it’s better to rule out lasting fatigue by getting checked for gum disease or tooth infection.

How To Prevent Dental Emergencies?

By maintaining oral hygiene you can prevent many of these problems;

  • Brush your teeth regularly
  • Use high fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss once a day
  • Kill mouth bacteria with frequent use of mouthwash
  • Intake of a balance diet

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