Sensitivity Is a Sensitive Topic!

Sensitivity Is a Sensitive Topic!

If you have trouble eating anything hot or cold because of the agonizing pain it causes, it’s time you visited your dentist for a classic case of tooth sensitivity.

It’s become a rising concern amongst the masses and while it may easily be passed off as a simple tooth ache in the initial stages, you really don’t want to wait until it gets worse!

According to a report by medical news, around 50% of the U.S population are victims of tooth sensitivity. If you’re amongst the 50%, you should visit your dentist immediately!

Why the rush?

You always hear about sensitivity because a major discomfort, but did you know that it actually goes beyond that?

Tooth sensitivity occurs when top most layer of your tooth, known as the dentin, weakens or erodes.

That layer is the protective layer of the tooth and without it, the nerve endings and sensitive area becomes exposed to the surface.

There are some things about tooth sensitivity that isn’t addressed—the real dangers. Here’s why you should opt for emergency dental care:

What it’s trying to tell you

Your body always finds ways to communicate with you. In case of tooth sensitivity, there are many dangers associated with it and it all depends on why the pain is occurring.

If not looked at immediately, it could increase and lead to loss of the tooth. While the major reason for sensitivity is usually the decrease of dentin, it can be a range of other problems such as:


If you pass off sensitivity as just another problem, you may be inviting in a much bigger problem.

If the reason for your pain is cavities and you don’t get it looked at, it could increase to a raging infection. Depending on how severe the cavity is, the infection could be minor or even life threatening which is why you shouldn’t delay your checkup.

Sensitivity in your tooth or jaw

A professional will be able to identify just where the problem is. Your mouth can relay health problems, not just restricted to the mouth and sensitivity can be the biggest example. Depending on how bad the pain is and whether it travels through your jaw, your dentist will be able to identify if the problem your facing is much bigger than just a simple toothache.

Cracked teeth

If the sensitivity you’re facing is because of a crack or chip, they can grow to become much painful and bigger problems.

If you don’t address sensitivities earlier, the crack may worsen and allow bacteria direct access into the inner layers of your teeth.

These are just some of the reasons for sensitivity. If you’re in the initial stages of pain, immediately seek professional dental help.

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