Root Canal Aftercare: Tips to Keep Your Dental Crowns Clean

Root Canal Aftercare: Tips to Keep Your Dental Crowns Clean

Dental crowns are like protective caps for your teeth and are often needed after a Root Canal Treatment (RCT). While the RCT alleviates the pain caused by broken, decaying, and chipped, teeth, the dental crown prevents the further decay of the damaged tooth and helps you maintain your winning smile!

Dental crowns are made of different materials like porcelain and ceramic and, based on the material used and the upkeep, they can last anywhere between 5 and 7 years.

Here’s how you can make your dental crowns last for a long time.

1. Take Your Prescriptions

If your dentist has prescribed you antibiotics or pain relief medication, take them as instructed.  The infection in the tooth needs to be treated with the right medications and the pain after root canal treatment can be managed with the prescribed pills.

2. Frequent Brushing

A root canal treatment can be a painful dental procedure. To ensure a quicker healing process, keep the dental crown clean by brushing your teeth. Brush at least twice a day and use teeth-sensitive toothpaste.

TIP: Don’t be aggressive with your cleaning. Gently brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes.

3. Floss after Every Meal

Flossing is essential to your oral hygiene as food particles often get stuck between the teeth and can lead to cavities. To keep your dental crown cavity-free, make sure you floss after every meal or snack. Flossing once a day won’t cut it anymore. Frequent flossing (preferably once after every meal) will protect your mouth from food bacteria and germs.

4. Snack Less

If you are a junk food lover who craves chips and drinks throughout the day, you need to curb your snacking habits. Frequent snacking means increases the chances of dental damage and can lead to cavities.

As you may not have the time to floss after every brownie cookie or pack of crisps so it is better to cut down on your snacking to once or twice a day rather than face an infected tooth underneath the dental crown.

5. Be a Picky Eater

The sensitivity in your tooth after Root Canal Treatment will make it difficult for you to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or a scoop of ice cream. Therefore, it’s better to away from extremely hot or cold drinks/foods.

Have room temperature water and say no to carbonated sodas.

Also, avoid hard food that is difficult to bite and puts pressure on the dental crown. Don’t munch on dry fruits like almonds and walnuts and also keep away from sticky and chewy food.

You can revert to your regular diet after your tooth has healed from the root canal treatment but, for the time being, we advice caution.

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