Reasons Why You Need a Root Canal Treatment

Reasons Why You Need a Root Canal Treatment

Oral diseases are a common problem around the globe. According to a 2016 Global Burden of Diseases study, nearly 3.6 billion people on the planet suffer from one oral disease or another.

On the flip side, people around the world invest huge amounts of time and money into having perfect-looking and functioning teeth.

Dental clinics and facilities in the US are busier every day, as Americans become obsessed with better than perfect teeth.

If you’re one of them, this blog will help you understand if and why you need a root canal treatment to have healthier teeth. Let’s dive in:


The National Center for Health Statistics reported a 46 percent pervasiveness of tooth caries in children and teenagers in the United States. Caries, commonly known as tooth decay or cavities, can cause pain and inflammation in the roots of your teeth.

But not all cavities require a root canal treatment; if your dentist suggested root canal treatment, the chances are that your roots have become infectious to the point where a filling is not an option anymore. For a mild cavity, fillings can stop further damage, but if you’re on your way to complete tooth loss, get a root canal treatment immediately.

A Cracked Tooth

A blow to your face or a bad fall can cause your teeth to crack or chip. This can cause pain, while also interfering with eating because of the unevenness of the teeth. Visit your dentist or a dental clinic to get urgent treatment to avoid any further damage.

Damaged Crown

Dental crowns are generally a permanent or long-term solution to avoid tooth decay, tooth loss, or a fracture. Even with such a guarantee, crowns often need replacement if they’ve become faulty due to an incident or are unable to stop the damage to the tooth’s nerve tissue—commonly known as pulp. If your dental pulp is not recovering, you’ll need a root canal treatment.

Multiple Procedures

If your teeth are unhealthy and you’ve had multiple treatments, they’ll become worn out over time. Any tooth that has undergone repeated procedures—like excessive fillings—can still become infected.

Before making a decision, get an opinion from at least two different dentists or endodontists to be sure that you’ve exhausted all other options.

Research conducted in 2015 shows that direct dental treatments amounted to nearly $300 billion in 2010, making up for 4.6% of expenditure on health. Since health and—especially dental treatments—cost a lot, finding a dentist or dental clinic that provides quality services at affordable rates is vital.

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