Oral Hygiene in 2020: How to Take Better Care of Your Teeth This Year

Oral Hygiene in 2020: How to Take Better Care of Your Teeth This Year

We’ve been learning about the importance of good oral hygiene ever since we were kids.

From the day we first held a toothbrush in our hands, to our first dental appointment, it had been drilled into our minds that we should never go to bed without brushing our teeth.

But is that all there is to it? Does a good oral hygiene routine only involve brushing your teeth twice a day?

Here’s how you can create an effective routine to maintain your oral health this year:

Drink Plenty of Water

You already know that we’re supposed to drink eight glasses of water every day. We’re told to follow the 8×8 rule, to prevent dehydration and diseases.

But drinking water isn’t recommended just for keeping yourself hydrated. While water isn’t a miracle cure for diseases, it does help wash out toxins from your liver and lungs.

Drinking plain water is the key to flushing out toxins from your body and maintaining your oral health. Water cleanses your teeth, washes away leftover food, and prevents the buildup of plaque.

Adding fluoride to your water can also strengthen your pearly whites.

Don’t Forget to Floss

Your oral hygiene routine shouldn’t stop at brushing your teeth. While it’s great to brush your teeth twice a day, it’s also a good idea to floss. Flossing will help remove plaque from between your teeth.

It will remove plaque from hard-to-reach places. This is something that toothbrushes are unable to do.

You should also use mouthwash regularly.

According to the American Dental Association, using mouthwash in controlled amounts can help with bad breath, tooth decay, and prevent gingivitis.

Frequently Consult A Dentist

A dentist can help you take precautionary measures to avoid gum disease and other oral health problems. They can also provide you with numerous oral hygiene tips.

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