Night Guards

Night Guards

Occlusal Guard(commonly known as Night Guard) and TMJ appliances are customized medical devices to help patients prevent or reduce damage to their jaw joints, teeth, and other related structures and to help ease muscle tension, headaches, and jaw soreness. They are the most conservative, non-invasive treatment for patients who clench, grind or do both, with or without symptoms. The design and materials used to fabricate these appliances vary depending on patient's needs, and severity of their condition. These devices need to be replaced if cracks and fracture lines develop or if your appliance is loose and not stable.
Here is a testimony on how night guards help:

“Hi Dr. Larijani,
Just wanted to let you know much I love my new night guard. It took some time getting used to wearing it at first, but now I can’t sleep without it. It has helped me so much with the tension in my jaw in the mornings from clenching my teeth. As a result, I am sleeping better and getting fewer headaches. I have also started wearing it at work when I am concentrating on the computer. It has made such a huge difference for me. Now if I could only learn to speak properly when I have it on, I would wear it all day!

Thanks so much for your advice!



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