Why you need a Sinus Lift before a Dental Implant

Why you need a Sinus Lift before a Dental Implant

Planning on getting a dental implant? Have you considered getting a sinus lift before that?

It may sound vague to you right now, but there’s a strong link between the two. Getting a dental implant before a sinus lift might save your time, but it’ll expose you to a high risk of sinusitis.

Let’s take a look at how sinus surgery before implants reduces the risk of sinusitis.

Tooth Implants and Sinus Infection: What’s the Connection?

If you’re losing your upper teeth, there’s a high chance that you’re also losing the bone that holds your teeth. If that’s the case, getting a dental implant might cause the new teeth to impinge on your sinus cavity, leading to sinus infection and discomfort.

Does it have you thinking, how can someone lose bones?

Severe cases of periodontal disease often damage the bones as well. The duration for which you’re missing your teeth also contributes to bone damage. Your bone supports to your teeth; once it deteriorates, your body reabsorbs your tooth bone.

So if you’re considering a dental implant a year later, there’s a higher chance that your bone is already absorbed by the body, increasing the risk of sinus infection.

Your anatomy also plays a major role in deciding whether you suffer from sinus issues. Typically, people with large sinuses and those with sinus located near their jaw fall under this category. If you’re among the two, it’s likely that your dental implant might stick up your sinus cavity, obstructing the air passage.

How Does a Sinus Surgery Help?

Getting a sinus lift before dental implants reduces the risk of complications. Also known as sinus augmentation; the process involves lifting of the sinus tissue. This creates room for insertion of the bone graft. Depending upon your medical requirements, the bone can be from your body, donated, or synthetic.

Next in comes the penetration depth. Your dentist considers the thickness of bone to decide how much of it will be penetrated into your sinus area. Typically, this penetration depth lies in the order of millimeters.

After completing your sinus surgery, your dentist gives you a waiting period before the implant. This allows your sinus tissues to adjust to your bone, eliminating the risks of discomfort in the future. The waiting duration lasts around several months depending upon the extent of bone grafting. If there’s sufficient bone to support your implant, your dentist might recommend it the next day!

Before you sign up for a dental implant, make sure that your dentist conducts a sinus inspection. You don’t want to spend your money only to end up with a sinus infection!

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