My False Teeth Might Fall Off! Ways to Fix Loose Dentures

My False Teeth Might Fall Off! Ways to Fix Loose Dentures

Missing a tooth is missing a chance to smile wide. Your smile is precious, so don’t let a missing tooth take it away.

That’s why we have dentures! Dentures are artificial and removable replacements for natural teeth that restore your smile and make earing and talking easier. Since dentures resemble your natural teeth in terms of appearance, color, and shape, they fill in any gaps perfectly.

However, they can become loose over time. In this post, we will talk about loose dentures and how to deal with them:

Are you cleaning them right?

Years of use and jaw shrinkage lead to dentures losing their elasticity. Something else that might be affecting their structure is your cleaning habits. It’s a common misconception that washing your dentures vigorously will make them cleaner. But over-cleaning your dentures makes them looser, to the point that they could lead to gagging issues and mouth sores. Loose dentures also make it hard for you to eat and drink.

Always speak to your dentist and ask them to recommend a cleaning solution that’s not abrasive. Your dentist will also give you clear instructions on how often to clean dentures.

Other than that, you must also soak them overnight. This will make sure they retain the required moisture content and stay in shape. You can soak them in water or a mild soaking solution.

The right dental hygiene routine

Ideally, you should remove any food or debris from the dentures before brushing your teeth. Make sure you’re not using a hard-bristle toothbrush as it could erode the surface of the dentures. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush along with mild toothpaste.

Never use hot or boiling water while brushing your teeth—it will warp them. Other than that, make sure your toothpaste contains no bleaching products. This will make them looser and change their color.

Consider an adhesive

If your dentures have become loose or are falling off, you might not need to get them replaced altogether—adhesive can also work. These adhesives come in different forms, including powder, cream, or paste. Always apply the adhesive after the dentures have been thoroughly cleaned. Also, make sure you’re not using too much adhesive.

Ask your dentist to suggest a brand if you’re unsure about what to get. They’ll most probably recommend the one that doesn’t contain zinc as it could lead to further health issues.

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