Mistakes People Make While Brushing Their Teeth

Mistakes People Make While Brushing Their Teeth

We all are aware of the importance of regularly brushing our teeth. It’s something that had been taught to us when we are kids and has stayed with us ever since. But what if we told you that you have been brushing your teeth the wrong way all this time?

We’re all susceptible to brushing our teeth the wrong way but the truth is, most of us don’t realize it! Here’s a look at some of the mistakes they might be making:

Using the Same Brush

You need to make sure that you regularly change your toothbrush. This is because brushes wear down over time and lose their ability to effectively clean teeth and remove food remnants from your teeth.

This can subsequently result in problems like cavity and periodontitis.

Rushing the Process

Yes, it’s true that brushing teeth is not the most engaging task; however, that doesn’t mean you rush it. We would suggest that you spend at least two minutes brushing your teeth. This is important because the toothpaste needs to attach to the enamel.

Furthermore, when you rush the process there is always a possibility that you might end up missing a part of your teeth—or worse, you might end up hurting your gums.

Some people might raise the argument that they have “white teeth” therefore they don’t need to spend too much time brushing their teeth. However, they are mistaken.

It’s not just about having white teeth. You also need to make sure that the side and back of your teeth are clean as well.

Not Using Dental Floss

Dental hygiene is not just about regularly brushing your teeth. You also need to make sure you regularly floss them.

This is important because it ensures that food particles do not get left behind in your mouth. These particles can develop into calcium deposits after some time and consequently result in tooth decay.

Not Rinsing

In order to strengthen your teeth we would also suggest that you rinse your mouth with Fluorine after you are done brushing your teeth. This is an essential compound that can ensure your teeth stay strong.

Using Brushes with Hard Bristles

Always use brushes with soft bristles. This is important because hard bristles cause damage to gums.

Aggressively brushing teeth with these kinds of brushes can also result in removal of enamel. This is a protective layer which protects your teeth from harm. When it’s removed, your teeth become more susceptible to damage.

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