Missing all teeth

Despite our best efforts in preventing and treating dental and gum disease, we could lose all of our teeth.  In the past, the only treatment solution was a denture.  However, time has changed and dental implants can be used to replace your teeth.  There are removable and fixed options, each with unique benefits.  some of the benefits of implant-retained removable option is that it improves stability of a denture which in turn improves your speech and you can chew your food better, but you have to still take it out of your mouth to clean it and you must take it out before you sleep.

The fixed option significantly improves the stability of your denture so that you can eat your steak and apples and it wont move when you are talking and eating.  It eliminates the need for denture adhesives and you can sleep with it and clean it like your natural teeth.

If you have lost your teeth and addressed it quickly, you may be a candidate for traditional fixed bridge.  It is the most natural-looking and natural-feeling replacement solution.

At Bethesda Dental Health, Dr. Larijani and her team of surgeon and lab technicians work together to make the process smooth and pleasant for each patient as the need for each individual is different.  You don’t have to suffer the embarrasment of wearing a denture and changing your lifestyle.  Schedule a consultation to determine which option is best for you.

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