Misconceptions People Have Regarding Root Canals

Misconceptions People Have Regarding Root Canals

For many patients visiting the dentist for tooth-pain, the thought of having a root canal procedure can be a frightening prospect. Excessive pain is commonly associated with the root canal procedure. This is due to many of us being misinformed regarding the procedure.

Sure, a root canal a century ago would have caused a considerable amount of pain, but with the recent advancements in endodontics, (dentistry) the process is quick and relatively painless.

Here we dispel a few misconceptions people have regarding root canals.

It’s just a temporary fix

A common misconception regarding the therapy is that it is simply a temporary solution and will require additional visits to the dentist in the future. By the time the crown is completed (final restorative stage in the therapy), maintaining good care of your oral hygiene can make the effects last almost indefinitely.

It causes severe pain

This is the most widely held misconception people have regarding root canal therapy. It is also the number one reason why people avoid root canals and prefer to search for alternative treatments.

A root canal procedure is virtually painless. Your dentist will numb the affected area. And throughout the procedure, you may feel slight pressure, but no pain. At the end of it. you will be prescribed pain medication and some antibiotics for the next few days.

A better option is Tooth extraction

Due to the lack of awareness, some people might consider getting a tooth extraction as opposed to a root canal. Damage to the teeth and gums can be of varying degrees. Depending on that, a tooth can even be preserved in its natural state with a root canal therapy.

On the other hand, a tooth extraction is a very painful procedure that often exposes the bloodstream in your gums to more bacteria. Also, the process is far lengthier and even options such as dental implants and bridges are most costly than a root canal.

If there’s no pain in my teeth, I don’t require a root canal

Usually, patients who come to get a root canal done are those who have been suffering from the pain. However, pain is not always a reliable indicator of you needing a root canal. Often, the nerve responsible for pain sensation in your tooth dies. This allows the infection to spread without you even knowing.

For this very reason, it is highly recommended to make routine visits to the dentist for a checkup, so any problems can be identified from the onset.

Root canal therapy continues to relieve thousands of patients everywhere from pain and discomfort. Contact our family dentist in Bethesda, MD today and get rid of your dental problems!


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