Maintaining Healthy Gums: What You Need to Know

Maintaining Healthy Gums: What You Need to Know

Far too often, people focus on the brightness of their smile or how straight their teeth are while completely overlooking the importance of maintaining healthy gums.

This is highlighted by the fact that nearly half of the United States population has some form of gum disease. In order to avoid being amongst those who have suffered or are suffering from gum disease, educate yourself on ways to protect—and maintain—healthy gums.

Here we share some steps you can take to keep your gums in top shape.

An Apple a Day

Nutritional benefits aside, munching on apples is good for your oral hygiene. It acts as a cleaning mechanism that helps removes plaque found on your teeth and gums. Don’t forget to rinse afterward as the acids found in apples can be exposed to your mouth.

Quit Smoking

It is common knowledge that smoking cigarettes have a harmful impact on your lungs and heart. But were you also aware that they can damage your gums? The chances of gum diseases developing for smokers are four times more than non-smokers. By lowering the body’s immunity , it also exposes a person to various types of infections.

Switch to an Electronic Toothbrush

It may be more expensive than a conventional toothbrush, but it does a better job at cleaning plaque found at the gum line. It is also suitable for weak gums and teeth as it prevents the user from damaging their teeth by brushing aggressively.

Add Milk To Your Diet

Milk is your main source of calcium. It not only strengthens the bones but the teeth as well. Around 95 percent of all calcium in the body is found in bones and teeth. If you’re one of those people who dislike the taste of milk, other sources that provide calcium are broccoli, tofu, cheese, and yogurt.

Avoid Re-using Floss

Flossing using the same piece repeatedly can cause bacteria to develop between the teeth. Use a new piece for every time you floss. It will help you with tooth decay, halitosis, and heart disease.

Onions are your Ally

Yes, onions can give bad breath, but that’s just about it. They possess strong anti-bacterial properties that can not only kill the bacteria but help combat four different types of bacteria strains which lead to gum disease.

Change Your Toothbrush

If you are using a traditional toothbrush, make sure to change it every 3 to 4 months. Constant usage damages the bristles causing them to fray and be less effective in cleaning the inner-areas between your teeth. Dentists recommend changing it right away in case of a cold or flu to prevent the disease from returning.

Since most gum diseases are painless, they can fester in our mouths without us noticing. Get a checkup by our Bethesda family dentistry today to make sure your gums remain healthy!


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