Keeping Your Toddler’s Teeth Healthy: 3 Oral Care Tips

Keeping Your Toddler’s Teeth Healthy: 3 Oral Care Tips

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 21.4% of all toddlers between two to five have untreated dental cavities on their baby teeth. This doesn’t mean that parents aren’t taking care of their toddler’s dental health—it’s about what they can do better.

Baby teeth shed after a certain age. But cavities and other dental conditions can cause permanent damage to your toddler’s enamel. In addition to developing good dental habits from an early age, taking care of your toddler’s dental health will also give them a lifetime of healthy teeth.

The following are some tips that parents of toddler(s) need to keep in mind if they want to keep their child’s dental health in check:

Supervise Your Child’s Brushing

As kids grow older and excitedly start taking care of their own dental health, they might not want their parents around when they are brushing their teeth.

But it’s important for you to be present for them to understand how to brush their teeth and for how long. You should also sometimes follow up on their brushing with another round which you perform for them, so that:

  1. you can check for any cavities yourself, and
  2. reminds them about the proper way of brushing

Fluorosis: When you hand a toothbrush to your toddler, make sure that the fluoride toothpaste is only used in a pea-sized amount. While fluoride is necessary for their teeth, excessive exposure to it can cause fluorosis. Before increasing the amount of toothpaste, make sure that your toddler can spit it out entirely.

Brush Your Teeth with Your Child

In the first few months when your child starts to brush their teeth by themselves, it is essential for you to do it with them. This not only creates a family nighttime routine, but also prevents them from skipping it.

Brushing can be boring and after a long, exhausting day, your children will try to sleep without it when left unsupervised. Brushing your teeth with them every night in the first few months will give rise to a habit that they cannot go to sleep without doing so in the years to come.

Limit Sugary Items

Food items like juices, candies, and chocolate bars can erode the enamel and cause cavities in toddlers. At that age, toddlers are attracted to such items and parents tend to provide them with easy access.

It is important to cut down on sugary items if you want only the best for your child’s dental health. Keep these food items as rewards and fix a time and a day when they can have them in a specified amount. If your kid has had sugary substances before bedtime, it is essential for them to brush and rinse their teeth thoroughly so that cavities don’t build overnight.

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