Invisalign vs. Braces: Which Is Better?

Invisalign vs. Braces: Which Is Better?

Invisalign and braces are two of the most common methods used to straighten out crooked teeth. Choosing between these two treatment options can be quite difficult. Weighing the pros and cons of each can help you make an informed decision.


Invisalign treatment involves clear aligners that are made of plastic. These aligners are custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly through 3D scanning. The customized aligners then shift your teeth over time, until they reach the correct position.

Advantages of Invisalign

They Look Better

The clear plastic aligners used are virtually invisible.  You can smile and talk freely without feeling self-conscious about your teeth. Plus, it won’t be obvious that you’re going through orthodontic treatment.

Can Be Removed While Eating

The aligners have to be worn for 20–22 hours a day, which mean you can take them out while eating. Getting Invisalign means you can eat freely without worrying about damaging your aligners.

Easier Cleaning

As Invisalign retainers can be taken off, you can brush and floss your teeth with ease. Your oral health won’t be affected, so you don’t have to worry about plaque and cavities.

Disadvantages of Invisalign

The biggest factor that holds people back from getting Invisalign, is its cost. Due to the flexible material and 3D scanning used to make the aligners, Invisalign treatment can be more expensive than braces.

Removing the Aligners is Inconvenient

As the aligner has to be removed while eating or brushing, you can risk losing them. Plus if you don’t wear them for at least 22 hours per day, the Invisalign treatment wouldn’t be as effective.


Braces are the conventional method of straightening teeth. The treatment corrects orthodontic issues with rubber bands and metal wires attached to brackets on the surface of your teeth.

Advantages of Braces

Suits All Patients

No matter how complicated your case is or if you have multiple dental issues, braces can move your teeth to their correct position. It’s the most powerful treatment to align your teeth perfectly.

Perfect Results

Braces move your teeth with greater force, bringing them to the desired position. The results achieved with braces are better than Invisalign, as Invisalign only moves your teeth to a limited degree.

Faster Treatment

As braces are more powerful, they can fix your teeth faster than Invisalign. Braces take comparatively less time to fix gaps and align teeth.

Disadvantages of Braces


As the wires and brackets of braces go on the front of your teeth, they’re extremely visible. Some people feel self-conscious and don’t prefer the look of braces.

Eating and Cleaning

With all the wires and rubber bands in your mouth, maintaining oral hygiene can be extremely difficult.

Difficulty in brushing and flossing can increase the risk of plaque formation, cavities and tooth decay.

Eating sticky and crunchy foods can dislodge the brackets or break the metal wires. Unless fixed by your dentist, the treatment won’t progress.

Regular Dental Visits

With braces, you’ll have to visit your dentist at least once a month. The dentist will check for progress and make necessary adjustments that are needed to keep your teeth moving in the desired direction. Invisalign treatment only requires you to visit your dentist bi-annually.

Both treatments have their sets of pros and cons. A dentist will help you decide which treatment is most suitable for you. Consult some of the best dentists in Bethesda for braces and Invisalign treatment. Get in touch with our experts at Bethesda Dental Health. Call us today at (301) 654-1887 to book your appointment.


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