How Dental Implants Help Restore Your Smile

How Dental Implants Help Restore Your Smile

Are you losing your teeth? We can all agree with the fact that it can shatter anybody’s self-confidence. But what if we told you that there is a way for you to regain all of that lost confidence?

Caught your attention? Without further ado; the answer to your problems is dental implants!

Dental Implants

Before the introduction of dental implants, when people started losing teeth, they would get dentures. However, dentures were often reported to be quite uncomfortable and painful. However, all of that changed when dental implants came into the picture.

So what makes dentures different from implants?

Dentures were commonly used when people had a few teeth remaining. The replacement teeth were attached to a plastic base which was then attached to a metallic framework that held dentures in place. On the other hand, permanent dentures were fixed and irremovable.

In contrast, dental implants are the best choice for people who have just lost one or two teeth. They also help establish a foundation for removable teeth and are replaceable. Dental implants replace your natural teeth in a manner that makes the implant look like real teeth. This way, the difference between natural and artificial teeth becomes unnoticeable.

Now that you know the difference between the two, let’s look at some of the reasons because of which you should get dental implants.

They Have a Natural Appearance

We already stated that dental implants are known for their natural appearance. However, they don’t just look natural. They also feel natural. This is because they are fused to the bone.

Since they feel natural, they also provide you with a superior eating experience as compared to dentures. Furthermore, unlike dentures, you do not need to get the implants removed. You can eat all of your favorite food with having to worry about pain or putting in extra effort.

This also explains why as of 2018, more than 36 million Americans have used implants.

They Act as Replacement for Real Teeth

Unlike other dental options, dental implants focus on parts of teeth that you cannot see, such as the root of your teeth.

Since implants are fused to the bone, it allows new tissue to grow in the surrounding region. This creates a bond between the metal and the bone, which holds your jaw in place.

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