Here’s How Bad Oral Hygiene Is Ruining Your Overall Health

Here’s How Bad Oral Hygiene Is Ruining Your Overall Health

Your mouth serves as a doorway to the rest of the body. If you think skipping a night-time brushing session will only leave you with stained teeth, you might be mistaken.

According to the Guardian, not paying enough heed to dental health may lead to heart diseases, diabetes, or worse cancer. This is simply because any bacteria that affect your teeth can travel to other body parts via the bloodstream.

Your dentist is well-versed in diagnosing a wide range of diseases which stem out as a result of poor dental care. We’ve listed down a few:


As surprising as it may sound, the reason behind dementia can be lack of attention for oral hygiene. According to Reuters, those who suffer from gum diseases for over 10 years have a 70% more chance to develop dementia, as compared to those with no gum disease.

The culprit is a special bacterium called the Porphyromonas gingivalis associated with a gum disease called gingivitis. This bacterium at times travels to the brain through the bloodstream and causes inflammation there. Think about this the next time you decide to go to bed without flossing.


According to the American Diabetes Association, most of the people diagnosed with diabetes suffer from gum diseases too. This is because a gum diseases lead to a rise in blood glucose levels. This makes it difficult for the individual to keep his glucose levels in control without an additional need for insulin.

The solution is to take care of your oral health in the finest way possible and get routine dental cleaning by a professional dentist to lower your HbA1c.

Respiratory diseases

When bacteria from the mouth travel all the way to the lungs, severe respiratory diseases can surface. These include pneumonia, lung infections, and emphysema. A study was carried out the American Academy of Periodontology which states that pathogens causing gum diseases can lead to inflammatory diseases in the lungs too. The study also highlights the importance of routine oral care to diminish any risks of pneumonia.

Your dentist can diagnose a lot more diseases than just tooth decay. While it’s essential to floss your teeth regularly, it’s also crucial to get oral checkups from a dentist. If you’re in Bethesda MA, we can put you in touch with our dental experts who cater to all sorts of oral health issues. You can request an appointment online or by calling Bethesda Dental Health at (301)6541887.


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