A Handbook of Dental Crowns

A Handbook of Dental Crowns

Good oral health boosts your overall confidence and makes you stand out.

Are your missing teeth making you self-conscious? Have you considered dental crowns? Dental crowns provide chewing support and improve your overall aesthetics.

So what’s the first thing to look for while getting a dental crown? Durability!

Your crown should be able to withstand chewing pressure. But that doesn’t mean it should be too hard on your teeth!

A good crown should offer structural strength while being gentle to opposing teeth.

Before you get a dental crown, lets’ take a look at the different types of dental crowns.

Diving into the Depths of Dental Crowns

Also known as dental caps, they’re prosthetic objects cemented onto your teeth. Although the main purpose is to cover your damaged tooth, a dental crown also improves alignment and the overall appearance of your teeth.

If you’ve never gone for a dental crown before and are considering getting one, here’s how the process goes. It starts with your dentist taking an impression of your damaged tooth. Your dentist first reduces the size of your tooth in order for the crown to fit properly. He then takes your tooth’s impression and fixes temporary crown on your tooth.

Depending on their functions and design, there are four different types of dental crowns:

1. Ceramic Crowns

Manufactured from porcelain-based materials, these crowns are used to cover your front teeth since they have a striking resemblance to real teeth.

2. Metal fused with Porcelain

As the name suggests, these crowns utilize metal for additional durability and a stronger bond.

3. Gold Alloys

Precious metals offer high resistance against corrosion and wear, which makes them a viable choice for dental crowns. These crowns use a mixture of copper, gold, and several other metals to create a durable structure. These alloys don’t fracture over time; neither do they cause your tooth to wear away.

4. Base Metal Crowns

Made from chromium, nickel, and beryllium, these crowns offer resistance against corrosion. They have high structural strength and are gentle on your teeth.

These crowns are cost-effective, which means you can replace them if they sustain damage or wear out over time. If you’re looking for a dental crown for your kid who hasn’t lost his first set of teeth yet, these crowns are your ideal choice!

It doesn’t matter what crown you choose, Bethesda Dental Health has the solution to all your requirements. We provide metal-free, base metal, all metal and ceramic dental crowns to improve the overall appearance of your teeth.

Our range of services includes dental veneers, implants, dental bonding, sinus augmentation, and dental bridges.

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