Habits that are Wrecking Havoc on Your Teeth

Habits that are Wrecking Havoc on Your Teeth

We are all aware of the basics of dental care: brushing, flossing and semi-annual dental visits. But we all have the tendency to slip into certain habits that basically nullify the efforts we put into oral hygiene every day.

Are you aware of any such habits? You may be indulging in them all day long, without realizing the damage they may be causing to your teeth.

Knowing what these habits are is the first step towards breaking them. Consciously trying to break off these habits is important, as this will save you from expensive dental procedures later on and possibly prevent eventual teeth loss.

Here is a list of some of these habits:

Constant Snacking

Constant snacking is one of the worst habits US. In fact, Americans consume more than three times the recommended sugar levels, which is also the reason why dental problems are so widespread.

Constant snacking leaves an acidic layer on the teeth, which greatly weakens the tooth enamel. When the tooth enamel is weakened, there are high chances of tooth decay and formation of cavities.

Nail Biting

Nail biting is mainly a compulsive habit and many people do it when nervous or when thinking. What’s surprising is that most people may not know that they might actually have this habit.

Nail biting not only hurts the nails, but also the gums and teeth. If it is excessive, it could also lead to jaw dysfunction. If the nails are swallowed, it could also create serious health problems.

The best way to break this habit is to use bitter tasting nail polish and stress busting toys.

Aggressive Brushing

Some people are very particular about their oral hygiene, and believe that if they brush their teeth a harder, it will clean more effectively.

When too much pressure is applied on the teeth, the gums start to irritate and get damaged. Brushing is more like a massage than scrub. This is why dentists recommend soft-bristled toothbrushes and brushing in soft, circular motions.

Teeth Clenching and Grinding

Certain people have the habit of grinding and clenching their teeth when sleeping. Waking up with a headache or a sore jaw in the morning is an indication that a person is involved in this habit.

Grinding teeth leads to aggressive erosion of the enamel, which could lead to chipping and cracking. The best way to break this habit is to wear a mouth guard while sleeping.

Using Teeth as A Tool

Teeth are not designed to function as bottle openers. Therefore, using them as tools pop a bottle cap open can severely damage them.

The same goes for tearing off a bag of chips, as it can lead to mini fractures.

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