Food Items Good for Your Teeth and Gums

Food Items Good for Your Teeth and Gums

We brush, floss, and even get the occasional dental checkups to ensure our gums and teeth are in healthy condition. Yet, despite that care, gum diseases are some of the most prevalent diseases in the world.

A recent study revealed that one in every two adults in America over the age of 29 had some form of periodontal disease. That’s 67.4 million people.

With that being said, not all food products are detrimental to your oral health. Many food items not only have healing properties, but protect the teeth and gums from disease, infections, and bacteria

Let’s have a look at some food items that’ll keep you pain-free well into the old age.


Sure, they give you bad breath, but that’s just about it. Onions are great for your gums because they neutralize bacteria. They possess microbial elements which help combat common forms of harmful bacteria responsible for causing cavities and gum disease.

Leafy Greens

Now you know why mom forced you to eat your broccoli. They’re rich in minerals and vitamins needed to keep the gums and teeth healthy. Examples such as spinach and kale have high counts of calcium, which help in building teeth enamel.

They also possess folic acid, which according to research, helps cure gum disease especially in pregnant woman. Next time, remember to add that extra bit of green to the salads and side dishes!

Green Tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants which help against inflammation. It has a special antioxidant called catechin which prevents inflammation in the gums caused by oral bacteria. Include drinking a cup of green tea as part of your daily routine to ensure gum protection!


Carrots are packed full of fiber and eating them after your meals cause an increase in saliva production in the mouth. This helps reduce the risk of cavities. Carrots are also rich in Vitamin A.

Cheese, Milk, and Yogurt

Apart from having high quantities of calcium, dairy products also contain minerals responsible for strengthening the bones and teeth. The presence of these helps neutralize acids produced by harmful bacteria in your mouth. Such acids are responsible for the erosion of tooth enamel and the destruction of gum tissues.


Not the sort of food you would enjoy for the taste. However, it acts as a natural toothbrush by removing harmful bacteria and food particles from the mouth. Celery also contains both Vitamin C and A—both of which have antioxidant properties keeping your gums healthy and protected.

Just as you try to maintain a good oral hygiene via brushing and flossing, eating these healthy and natural foods should also be made a part of your routine diet. Visit our family dentist in Bethesda, MD today to get a dental checkup and ensure your teeth and gums are in healthy condition!


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