The Far-Reaching Effects Of Gum Disease

The Far-Reaching Effects Of Gum Disease

According to a medical research, around 47.2 percent of American adults aged 30 and above have gum (or periodontal) disease. This number sees a 70 percent rise among 65 years and above adults.  

The same research determined that periodontal disease was more common in men, around 56.4 percent, as compared to women, around 38.4 percent.

Introduction to gum disease

Periodontal disease or gum diseases includes oral infections ranging from gingivitis, to periodontitis (the pulling away of gums from the teeth).


It usually occurs due to bacteria accumulation around the teeth, tongue or gums.

Bacteria cause plaque formation; if left untreated can transform into tartar. Tartar spreads and infects the gums and root of teeth, causing inflammation, bleeding and bad breath.


  • Bad breath and foul taste in mouth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Pain during biting and chewing
  • Teeth might lose its place from the gums
  • Gums might start to pull away from the teeth

How does gum infection affects your body?

In addition to teeth loss, bad breath, gum inflammation, and bleeding, other parts of the body can also be affected by gum disease.

Bacterial Imbalance

Other parts of the body like digestive system are dependent on the health of your mouth. A bacterial imbalance in your mouth can cause inflammation and infection in other parts of the body as well.

Many life-threatening diseases like prostate, pancreatic and breast cancer, and problems in pregnancy are linked to gum infection.

How does it spread?

Bacteria that cause gum infection are highly active in nature. Many experts have even noticed similarities between the plaque formations (caused by gum infection) to plaque found in the arterial wall of a heart patient.

This bacterial infection can access the complete body through your blood stream; it can also increase risk of heart stroke, oral cancer, and preterm birth, diabetes, and coronary diseases.

Your body responds by pumping more blood to the gums, in order to increase the number of white blood cell to fight infection.

Increased blood flow causes inflammation and bleeding in your mouth. If the bacterial infection is severe, the entire body experiences inflammation due to increased blood flow, which leads to heart diseases and cancerous growth.

Maintain oral hygiene to prevent bacterial infection

  • Brush and floss your teeth on a daily basis
  • Follow a balanced diet to maintain your overall health
  • Use safe and non-toxic oral hygiene products
  • Visit a dentist for regular cleaning of plaque

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