How to educate young children about dental health

How to educate young children about dental health

One of the leading dental problems in children is tooth decay. In fact, by the age of 5, up to 50% children develop cavities. Some parents may assume that cavities in babies are not a matter of concern but it is very important to know that any cavities at this age can negatively affect teeth and lead to future dental problems.

The most common challenge for parents is to drag the kids to the bathroom to brush teeth, every night. This can get more challenging with age and this is why children need to be taught the importance and the way of proper dental health care.

Brushing Right

As soon as your children have teeth, you should start helping them develop good oral hygiene habits. Children have smaller toothbrushes that are suitable for their use and grip. These come with soft bristles that are perfect for use on delicate gums. Keep in mind that brushes have to be changed according to age to ensure your child is using the right brush.

Control the Amount of toothpaste

Children above the age of 3 can begin with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. At this age, children often swallow the toothpaste, which is not harmful, but if they tend to swallow toothpaste in larger quantities, it could lead to spotting on their teeth.

Supervised Cleaning

When they’re young you might need to do a lot of supervising and a bit of brushing for them as a lot of children tend to only focus on the teeth they can see. This means that the teeth on the inner side of the mouth may be left behind.

Around the ages of 5-8, children learn to clean the not-so-visible teeth. But until then, they may require assistance. There is no particular way of going about brushing their teeth but it is important that children clean each tooth and do not miss the ones they don’t see.

What Else?  

What you can do without many tantrums from your child is to limit their use of sugary liquids for prolonged time periods. Another idea is to avoid ‘sticky sugar’ candy. This includes gum, toffees and sticky caramel. But if your child insists, then ask them to brush after they’ve had this candy.

Come See the Dentist

This may be the most dreaded part of all for some parents as children do not enjoy visiting clinics that hold possibilities of shots. During the visits, a a dentist closely examines your child’s teeth and lets you know what treatments are available along with ways to improve their dental health.

The doctor might prescribe fluoride drops or chewable tablets or even apply fluoride solution the child’s teeth if they seem to show susceptibility to cavities or simply as a precaution.

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