Drawing a Comparison between Men’s And Women’s Oral Health


Drawing a Comparison between Men’s And Women’s Oral Health

Recent studies have found that your genetic makeup could likely have an effect on your oral health.

Wondering what’s the connection? A study published in the Journal of Periodontology reveals that women are more conscious and proactive when it comes to dental health.

Furthermore, receiving regular dental checkup, following up on dental advice and rescheduling was a phenomenon more prevalent in women. This led to an overall better periodontal health which was indicated by fewer complaints of plaque formation, bleeding and calculus.

The study went on to observe how women are particular about maintaining good oral hygiene, along with having the positivity to make sure that they visit the dentist regularly.

We have covered some surprising facts about how women and men differ in their oral habits. The gender war continues.

The Incidence of Teeth Brushing Is Higher In Women

According to The National Institutes of Health, the subjects under study showed a higher trend of brushing teeth amongst women as compared to men. 60.9% of males as compared to 88.8% of females brushed their teeth every day before going to sleep.

Another study revealed that women are 8% more likely have a regular habit of brushing their teeth twice a day in comparison to men.

Men are careless enough to skip their brushing routine once in a while but women stay consistent. Even after meals women are 10% more likely to brush their teeth as compared to men.

Men Expose Themselves to a Higher Risk of Poor Oral Health Care

Certain lifestyle habits and dietary intake can expose your teeth to risk, putting your dental health in jeopardy. To name a few, these include:

  • Excess alcohol consumption
  • Incessant smoking
  • Chewing tobacco products
  • Continued exposure to carcinogenic products

These habits are more rampant in men which tend to negatively influence their oral health. This exposes them to an even greater risk of contracting gum disease, develop oral cancer and other health-related issues.

Also since men don’t necessarily visit the dentist that often for screening, so that the onset of an oral disease maybe identified well before it progresses into the advanced stages.

This is why it becomes essential to schedule regular visits to the dentist. The best way to take care of your oral health is to keep your gums healthy. Bethesda Dental Health offers services that keep your hygiene and periodontal health in check. Even teeth whitening can help you ward of harmful bacteria and get rid of tartar and plaque.


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