Does Your Oral Health Affect Your Overall Health?

Does Your Oral Health Affect Your Overall Health?

The connection between oral health and overall wellbeing is often overlooked but it deserves conscious attention. Your mouth is the gateway to food and nutrition that you intake to sustain your body. Before it reaches your digestive system, it has to be chewed and prepared for digestion in the mouth.

Without a healthy mouth and sufficient nutrition, it’s nearly impossible to maintain your immunity. Here’s some more information on risk factors that put the relation between your mouth and your body at stake.

Oral diseases are some of the widest spreading chronic conditions. Despite their rate of increase, their numbers are highly preventable. This can easily be done through:


Your diet consists of everything you eat during the day. This is the single-most important factor to consider in the case of dental carries and other diseases. Your dietary nutrition not only affects the wellbeing of your teeth and gums but also that of your heart. Many coronary heart diseases are linked to obesity.

Maintaining a healthy bodyweight is crucial to maintaining a healthy heart. Diabetes is a common problem among people who develop a high blood-sugar condition even without being genetically predisposed to it. Controlling your diet is the most effective way of maintaining insulin levels in your body. Not to mention, high cholesterol and sweetened foods are equally bad for your teeth as well.

Tobacco Smoking/Chewing

Tobacco consumption often leads to the development of periodontal disease. Whether you’re smoking or chewing, in either case, it’s as bad for your teeth as it is for your respiratory functions.

The development of oral cancers have also been reported in conjunction with tobacco-consumption. Therefore, it’s evident how tobacco is not just a threat to periodontal health; it’s an equally bad influence on your overall health.

Alcohol Consumption

While alcohol has been the part and parcel of celebrations and casual living, it’s nonetheless an intoxicant which is bad for health. It’s common to hear complaints such as liver cirrhosis and cardiovascular dysfunctions in relation to alcohol. But we rarely ever notice how and when it becomes bad for oral health. Alcohol is a major contaminant that can cause tooth wear, staining, trauma, halitosis, as well as pave the way for oral cancers.

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