Do You Need a Dental Night Guard? Here’s How To Tell

Do You Need a Dental Night Guard? Here’s How To Tell

Dental night guards are a piece of equipment that relieves pressure on the jaw. If you wake up every morning with a tense feeling in your jaw, it’s a sign that you grind your teeth in your sleep. This phenomenon is very common and it causes soreness in the jaw and teeth. The medical term given to this phenomenon is bruxism and 8% of adults in the US face it.

Night guards solve the issue and can be useful for other reasons too. Here are some reasons you should use a dental night guard:

Teeth grinding

Involuntary movements of the jaw while you sleep lead to teeth grinding. Teeth grinding weakens your teeth and wears them down, leading to sensitivity and cracks in your tooth. Stress and anxiety can make teeth grinding worse.

Visit a dentist for custom night guards to prevent damage to your teeth. If your teeth grinding is related to anxiety, it’s advisable to see a psychologist or mental health counselor for it too.

Night guards eliminate pain and pressure

Night guards are made of softer materials that relieve pressure on the jaw and is comfortable to wear. Night guards act as a shield for your teeth when you’re sleeping. Your teeth aren’t able to grind against each other, preserving your dental health.

Prevents headaches

There are various kinds of headaches that occur, each with its own trigger and the area it affects. Stress headaches travel from the back of your neck to your head, while migraines affect one side of your head. Likewise, if you’re waking up with dull headaches, the constant pressure in your jaw could be a reason. A night guard prevents your jaw from this pressure, allowing the muscles to relax, which helps relieve headaches.

Improves quality of sleep

It’s essential to have good quality sleep for 6 to 8 hours at least for your body to recharge and rest. If you’re experiencing disturbed sleep due to clenching your jaw, a night guard can be of great help.

If you or your partner snores, a mouth guard helps reposition the jaw so that air can easily pass through the windpipe, resulting in less snoring.

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