Diseases Associated With Tooth Loss

Diseases Associated With Tooth Loss

Would you surprised if we told you that tooth loss is connected with cardiovascular disease? We are pretty sure you would be and we don’t blame you.

People usually have a very cavalier attitude towards dental hygiene and don’t take it very seriously until it develops into a serious problem much later on.

Of course, that’s a mistake because sometimes dental problems like tooth loss can be a sign of a much more serious problem. Let’s take a look at some dental problems that are associated with tooth loss:

Periodontal Disease

Also referred to as the ‘gum disease’, periodontitis is what immediately comes to your mind when you talk about diseases related to tooth loss. It occurs due to inflammation of gums which results in swelling and redness.

You also feel pain in your gums whenever you brush your teeth. Over time, the pain only gets worse and the inflammation spreads to the supporting bone. As a result, your teeth become loose and start falling.

Cardiovascular Issues

Now this one would surely surprise you. Research has shown that tooth loss is associated with cardiovascular diseases as well. In fact, according to research conducted by people in China, people who have missing teeth are more likely to suffer from heart diseases.

Usually this happens due to diseases, which directly target the carotid artery plaque or the peripheral artery.


It’s a well known fact that oral cancer can result in your gums deteriorating. This results in tooth loss. Furthermore, there are also researches being conducted in order to determine the connection between breast cancer and periodontitis.

Problems with Kidneys

There are some people who claim that there is a connection between tooth loss and kidney problems. Researchers have tried to determine if that is indeed the case but more work needs to be done in order to make sure that this is indeed the case.


Another surprising fact about dental problems is that they can lead to dementia in the future. The reason for this problem is nutritional deficiency, which occurs due to limited food options.

Complications during Pregnancy

Pregnant women go through hormonal changes during pregnancy. This also affects their dental health and if they are suffering from a disease like periodontitis, then it can only end up making the problem even worse.

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