What Are Dental Implants and How Long Do They Last?

What Are Dental Implants and How Long Do They Last?

Dental implants are a long-term and effective solution for tooth loss. They are metallic screws placed beneath your gums, in the jawbone. They act the same way as the natural roots of your teeth so that crowns—false teeth—can be supported on them.

These implants are made of titanium, infuse with and easily become part of your natural bone. Once the implants have settled, crowns, are placed over them. These crowns are custom-made and are similar to your natural teeth.  

Why Should You Go for Dental Implants?

They’re better than dentures. Unlike dentures, dental implants stay firmly in place. They don’t slide when you’re chewing or speaking. Since you never have to take them off, you won’t experience the discomfort you might feel when removing dentures.

With implants, you don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of removing or adjusting your dentures. They’ll boost your confidence whenever you’re out.

Implants are better for long term oral health. They don’t cause any damage to other teeth. They also promote bone growth, making your teeth stronger. You can have dental implants for one tooth or your entire set of teeth, depending on the extent of tooth loss.

They improve your appearance. Implants look exactly like your natural teeth. This also improves the way you feel about yourself, adding to your confidence.

How Long does the Treatment Take?

Implants require dental surgery. Once you have the surgery to put in the implants, the gums surrounding it need time to heal before artificial teeth can be fixed on to them.

The healing time depends on each individual person. Some people need other procedures before they can get implants, depending on their bone density. That’s why the treatment time can vary from a few months to a year. Your dentist will create an individual treatment plan for you, depending on what you need.

How Long do Implants Last?

Modern dental implants have only been around for about 50 years, so there aren’t many long-term studies on how long they last. They are durable, and many recent studies show that they last at least 20–25 years. In fact, they can last a lifetime if you care for them properly. Just like our natural teeth need regular brushing and flossing, implants also need to be taken care of. It’s important to follow your dentist’s advice when it comes to dental implants.

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