Dental Health Ignored: 5 Signs Your Dentist Visit is Overdue

Dental Health Ignored: 5 Signs Your Dentist Visit is Overdue

When you have other, seemingly more important things in life to take care of, dental checkups fall by the wayside. However, by ignoring the due visits to your dentist, you only do bad to yourself, putting your dental (and overall) health at risk.

Ask yourself: Should anything be more important to you than your health?

If you haven’t seen your dentist in ages, then it’s high time you put things right. Schedule a checkup with your dentist today, especially if you’re experiencing any of these problems:

Bad breath

Persistent bad breath can be a sign of a range of diseases, including periodontitis – a dental condition characterized by decayed gums and tooth loss. Do you know how many people in the U.S are diagnosed with periodontitis every year? About 3 million!

Bleeding gums

Do your gums bleed when you brush or floss your teeth? If so, you possibly have gingivitis. Thankfully, gingivitis is completely reversible as it is just the inflammation of gum tissues. According to an estimate, one out of every two American adults aged 30 years and over has gingivitis.

Tooth pain

Tooth pain, or tooth decay, is the second most common health problem in the U.S after the flu. Studies reveal that 78% of Americans are likely to have at least one tooth cavity by the age of 17. If you’re experiencing toothache, even a minor one, you shouldn’t ignore it; consult a dentist near you for immediate examination. The sooner you act, the more chances you’ll have to save your tooth.

Yellowing teeth

Yellow teeth are a sign of excessive plaque buildup in your mouth. This isn’t good for your oral health. Worst? Plaque can harden into tartar and cause your teeth to become stained. Surely, you don’t want your smile to turn tartar full, do you?

Stained teeth

If your teeth have become stained, it means that tartar has already got the better of them. Trying to remove tartar at home simply won’t work; you’ll have to visit your dentist to get your teeth professionally cleaned and the tartar removed. If you don’t remove the tartar, it can start affecting your gums and other structures around your teeth.

According to the American Dental Association, people should visit their dentist for a checkup at least once a year. Others, at higher risk of dental diseases, should visit their dentists more often.

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