Dental Fillings: Which One Is Best Suited For Your Teeth?

Dental Fillings: Which One Is Best Suited For Your Teeth?

Dental fillings are common and standard dental procedures that have been used to treat cavities and tooth decay. With age, wear and tear, poor oral care and poor diet, cavities are likely to develop and cause tooth pain and tooth sensitivity.

The dentist will clean your cavities and fill empty space with dental fillings to bind the teeth and protect it from further damage. There are many materials used for dental fillings to target different teeth issues. Find out what each dental filling material is made out of and used for by the dentist.

Silver Amalgam –The Classic Take on Fillings

Amalgam is silver colored filling composed of silver tin, mercury, copper. It is the oldest material used for dental filling. It is known to be the strongest and long lasting filling material. They can last up to 15 years or more.

It is an inexpensive material usually used to fill the back molar teeth. The dark color of the filling makes it stand out and is preferred to be used in inconspicuous area of the mouth. However, the mercury used in this type of filling is usually looked at as a health hazard and not suitable for young children.

Gold Filling – Glitz and Glam

These fillings are not made of pure gold material and are equally strong and durable as amalgam fillings. They last more than 15 years and don’t corrode over time. However, gold fillings are not very common and might not be easily available at every dentist’s office.

Glass Ionomer – The Root of All Fillings

These are best for children who have cavities in their baby teeth. They are made of glass and acrylic and last up to 5 years.  They help to protect the teeth from further decay as the fluoride released within the filling acts as shield. The glass fillings are not very durable as the material can easily crack. They are usually used as inlays to fill the decay that extend to the root of the tooth.

Composite Filling – Most Commonly Used Material

These fillings are made out of acrylic resin and plastic (powdered glass).  The soft material is placed inside the tooth and hardened using a blue curing light tool.  It is most commonly used because it offers a perfect shade match to the existing teeth.

Composite fillings are best suited for small fillings as any heavy chewing or pressure can crack or chip them. They are not as long lasting as amalgam fillings but are great for the aesthetic outlook of the smile. They are an expensive filling option that need to be replaced every five years or so.

Ceramic Filling – Fragile yet Useful

Ceramic fillings are mostly made of porcelain. They are usually used as inlays for when the tooth needs to be prepped for crowns or veneers after root canal treatment. They are pricier than composite filling and last 5 to 7 years.

Get your cavities and tooth decays checked by a professional dentist as soon as possible. It is better to get a head start with your oral care before any lasting damage occurs.

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