Dental Emergencies: What Parents Should Know

Dental Emergencies: What Parents Should Know

Imagine getting up late on a Sunday and driving to the nearby diner with your kids, to get an ice cream sundae. The first spoonful of ice cream is followed by an ear-splitting scream of your nine-year-old kid.

After investigation, you determine he’s experiencing severe pain in his left molar. So, what should be your plan of action?

Well, emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere, which is why you should always be prepared to handle them. Educating yourself with dental emergencies can help salvage your child’s permanent tooth and prevent further damage.

Dental Emergency Action Plan

Pediatric dental emergencies cause immense pain and discomfort and need to be treated immediately. Here are some common dental problems and solutions that every parent should know about.

Tooth Lost

Unexpected loss of tooth needs to be addressed immediately; this helps the reintroduction process and increases the chance of salvaging the gums.

It’s better if you carry the tooth to the Bethesda dentist office.

Locate the missing tooth and keep it moist with saliva, or salt water, and milk. You can even place the lose tooth back in the socket, only if your child is old enough to hold it in their mouth and not swallow it.

The dentist will reintroduce the missing tooth, if the lost tooth was permanent. But if it’s a milk tooth, a dentist won’t reintroduce a tooth to fill the missing gap, as this may harm the tooth bud of the incoming permanent teeth. Instead, they will assess the cause of early tooth loss and suggest dental treatment plan.

Remember, quick action increases the success rate of dental treatment.

Chipped Tooth Or Broken Tooth

Hard candies and rough play can chip or break your child’s teeth. A fracture in crown or complete tooth can put your child in severe pain.

Without any delay, apply a cold-pack to the affected area and give a small dose of pediatric pain medication, before rushing your kid to the dentist.

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be caused by several factors. Chances are, your child won’t be able to locate the cause of problem, but if you know what to look out for, you can help mitigate the pain. If your child complains about tooth pain, look out for these common problems, and take them to the dentist if the pain persists:

  • Food particle stuck in teeth
  • Cavities infecting teeth
  • Injury or trauma caused to the teeth or gum
  • Fracture
  • New teeth might be erupting

Tooth Dislocation

When a tooth moves from its natural position, the eruption of permanent teeth is hampered. If immediate treatment is not provided then your child might suffer teeth development issues. Therefore, apply cold-pack to the affected area and rush to the dentist.

Abscess Accumulation

Abscess is a resultant of an infection in the roots, if left untreated; it can spread to other areas of the body. Therefore, look out for these signs of infection;

  • Pain in teeth, jaw, or gums
  • Swelling in the gums
  • Bad breath
  • Fever
  • Foul taste in mouth

It’s a parent’s goal to keep their child safe and secure, and we can help you achieve it with our emergency dental services.

We, at Bethesda Dental Health, offer a family-friendly environment and provide comprehensive dental solutions with the help of experienced dentists and advance technology. If your family is in need of an emergency dentist in Bethesda, call (301) 654-1887.


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