Dental Crowns and Bridges: Know the Difference

Dental Crowns and Bridges: Know the Difference

Gone are the days when people took their toothless smile to the grave. 21st century is a wonderful time to be alive in.

We now have quite a few dental restoration options. But which one is more suitable for your teeth?

Every individual has unique dental needs and conditions. Whether you need a crown, bridge, denture or implant can only be determined by your dentist after careful evaluation. But before you schedule a visit, it’s essential for you to know the difference between two teeth replacement solutions—dental bridges and crowns.

Dental crowns

A dental crown is a shell that covers your tooth.  This is a prosthetic device which helps your teeth regain the shape, alignment and size that it previously had. Apart from making it look nicely shaped, a crown also adds to the strength of your tooth or covers for any damage.

Dental crowns are constructed in a way that they match the natural shade of your existing teeth. The material used is either porcelain, composite resin or a mixture of both.

Your dentist is most likely to recommend dental crowns if:

  • Your cavity has overgrown for a dental filling
  • Your tooth is fractured, or on the verge of fracturing
  • You have a discolored tooth which you want to cover
  • You want to cover an oddly shaped tooth to have a better smile
  • There is a need to cover a dental implant

Dental Bridge

While the crown covers an existing tooth, the bridge replaces a missing one. A dental bridge not only fills in the gap caused by the loss of a tooth but also improves your overall face structure, smile, and food-biting mechanism.

A traditional dental bridge comprises three elements i.e. a fake tooth supported by two crowns on either side. Dental bridge implantation is a more elaborate procedure than getting a crown. The steps are as follows:

  1. At first, the dentist prepares the teeth on the either side of the gap to support the implantation.
  2. The lab technicians take an impression of the teeth and create a copy
  3. A temporary bridge is attached to the gap while the new one is constructed
  4. The bridge is then cemented and adjusted in its right place

Whether it’s a bridge or a crown, the ADA suggests regular cleanups done by a professional dentist for durability. At Bethesda Dental Health, we offer implantation and repair services for both crowns and bridges.

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