Dental Crowns – 3 Signs You Need Them

Dental Crowns – 3 Signs You Need Them

If you’ve experienced self-esteem issues because of dental problems, you’re not alone. Your smile is a big part of your facial appearance and can affect the perception of your self-image.

While there’s an array of dental conditions that we deal with, some affect our physical appearance. This is why people are more interested in enhancing the outlook of their teeth before looking into matters of medical urgency.

While the root of your teeth is concealed behind the gums, the crown is visible to the eye. People are often dissatisfied with the way their smile looks because of crooked, chipped, or discolored teeth.

Dental crowns are the ideal solution for this. Typically carved from porcelain, they can easily blend in with your natural teeth without compromising on their look.

If you’re suffering from one such problem, you need to get a dental crown treatment ASAP.

Root Canal Treatment   

Root canals are endodontic treatments that are usually carried out when the pulpy soft tissue inside gets infected.

This is a serious concern because the inflammation or infection can be a sign of deep-rooted tooth decay, strain due to repeated dental procedures on the tooth, or cracked tooth.

Patients can identify such a problem if they’re experiencing immense pain, intense sensitivity, or severe discoloration.

Infected tissues don’t heal on their own. You need a dentist to address your concerns at their earliest because otherwise the infection can spread in your jaw and enter the blood stream.

In order to treat serious cases, we might have to remove parts of the natural tooth and use a dental crown to conceal the work done.

Dental Implants

Patients who have had to get teeth extracted are left with gaps between their teeth. They might even lose out teeth to age or disease.

While dental implants are an effective treatment for such conditions, they might leave behind unfilled cavities. This can cause food to collect in those spaces and cause further medical problems. Dental crowns can be used to fill those spaces sufficiently and avoid leaving space for more plaque bacteria.

Severe Wear and Tear of Teeth

A study conducted on 18+ year-olds in Brazil revealed that 70.3% of the times people complain about tooth wear, it turns out a case of bruxism—teeth grinding. It also showed that 44.5% it’s pain in the masticatory muscles that urges patients to seek a dentist. In both cases, the problem can be narrowed down to the habit of teeth-grinding.

This is a leading cause of damage to dental health because it can cause your teeth to reduce in size and affect your facial aesthetics.

A diet routine with high acidic content can also deteriorate your dental health. It can damage the enamel and weaken the teeth.

Dental crowns can help restore a protective covering on your teeth to prevent further wear. In case of teeth grinding, it is used in cosmetic dentistry to bring the teeth back to their natural length.

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