Dental Bridges and Crowns: Top Oral Care Tips

Dental Bridges and Crowns: Top Oral Care Tips

There’s no shame in missing some teeth. According to the American Dental Association, the average adult between the ages of 20 to 64 has three missing or decayed teeth. However, if missing teeth have become the source of low self esteem for you, dental crowns and bridges can fill these gaps and give you the perfect smile.

There are four types of dental bridges; Cantilever, Traditional, Implant-Supported, and Maryland. To overcome the drawbacks of missing teeth—such as difficulty in communicating, chewing, or biting properly—it’s essential to visit a dentist to see which one is right for you.

A bridge is typically made up of two or more crowns that are placed on either side of the gap, placing a false tooth in the middle. Dental bridges are usually supported by either implants or natural teeth.

But the question that most people have pertains to after-care. How do you take care of your dental bridge to ensure that it lasts for long? We’re put together a few oral care tips that answer this question.

Avoid Hard Foods

Dental bridges may look a lot like your natural teeth, but they are not as strong. That’s why it’s advised to stay away from foods that require a lot of chewing and biting, such as candies or ice. The force can fracture the dental work and cause damage to the bridge.

Regular Brushing

Even though bridges and crowns are artificial, they do require regular oral care. This includes brushing twice a day to avoid any buildup and prevent tartar from forming. Instead of using a hard-bristled toothbrush, use a soft-bristled one, as it is gentle on the dental work but tough on the plaque.

Floss Daily

Flossing is an element of oral health which is usually overlooked; but it’s crucial for maintaining good teeth. Cleaning the areas between the teeth and gums prevents decay or gum disease. Flossing removes food particles or debris that are left behind even after brushing and keeps the mouth clean.

Avoid Sugary Foods

It’s no surprise that sugar is one of the root causes of tooth decay. Bacteria in the mouth convert it to acid, which causes the erosion of the enamel. The anchor teeth are already under a lot of stress and pressure due to the force applied by the dental bridge. That’s why you should ideally keep them away from sugary items like sodas, ice cream, and sweets.

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