Delaying Root Canals? Here’s What You Should Know

Delaying Root Canals? Here’s What You Should Know

A lot of unpleasant thoughts come in our minds the moment we’re told we need a root canal.

Is it painful?

Will I be able to eat for the next few days?

Will my mouth feel different than it was?

What if it costs a fortune and still doesn’t solve the problem?

Millions of teeth are saved in America every year, thanks to root canal. A root canal, also known as the endodontic treatment, only causes harm if it’s delayed. Here are a bunch of problems you might get yourself into if you’re avoiding a root canal.

Leaving a root canal untreated leads to tooth-loss.

It’s always better to preserve your existing teeth in their healthy state than to get a replacement. The whole point of a root canal is that you don’t lose your tooth. A root canal is needed when the pulp inside your gums is infected. This could happen as a result of a decayed, cracked, or a broken tooth.

If the pulp is left untreated, the infection travels all the way to the bone or maybe the mouth and can lead to abscesses. All in all, this results in tooth extraction which is more uncomfortable and painful.

The pain worsens

While we are mostly quick to assume that root canal causes pain, in reality, it’s the opposite. A root canal alleviates pain. When you visit your dentist because of a tooth-ache, they may recommend a root canal therapy.

Dentists use specific tools to remove the infected nerve from your pulp area. This ache can’t go away with the help of over-the-counter painkiller. Not opting for a root canal eventually damages the pulp further by permanently destroying the nerves. This means more pain than you previously had.

Root Canal is relatively cheaper

Root canal is a one-time investment. On the flip side, losing a tooth or getting your tooth extracted means a lot more dental visits and treatment. These include the cost of additional dental implants, crowns, bridges etc. Most of these implants are custom-made to fit the size and shape of your mouth which adds up to the cost.

Root canal is a more conservative approach and helps you save up on consultation fees since only 1 or 2 office visits are needed.

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