The Cost Of Not Replacing A Broken Tooth

The Cost Of Not Replacing A Broken Tooth

In life, you are often faced with situation that you need to accept and adapt to, but missing teeth don’t need to be one.

According to the American College of Prosthodontics, there are around 178 million American who have at least one or more tooth missing, and 35 million Americans have lost all their teeth.

Tooth lost can be a result of dental disease, like oral cancer, gum disease, or accident. Ignoring or delaying a tooth replacement can have long-term repercussions; therefore, you need to learn the significance of timely tooth replacement.

Tooth Lost Can Turn Into Permanent Bone Loss

Acquaint yourself with bone reabsorption process, if you plan to leave your tooth-gap vacant for long years.

Multi-nucleated cells, called osteoclast, breaks down the bone tissues releasing the calcium content in the blood stream. This is known as bone reabsorption process.

In easier terminology, when the roots of the tooth are no longer attached to the jaw bone, the lack of support causes the jaw bone structure to deteriorate over time.

Over time bone reabsorption will also impact the adjacent teeth, causing further teeth loss. It also damages your facial appearance, and if the tooth lost occurs in high quantity, then your mouth will appear to be sunken.

Well, the bad news does not end here. Bone loss caused by missing tooth can also make you susceptible for gum diseases and tooth decay. So, keep these side-effects in mind when thinking about delaying a dental implant.

Your Speech Pattern May Be Altered

Chances of lisp development are very high if you end up losing teeth located in the front of your mouth. In addition to this, missing teeth can also hamper your pronunciations of various words.

Speech impairment will make it difficult for other people to decipher your sentence leading to miscommunication; this can also keep you back in your profession and social life.

Restricts Your Diet

Teeth are prerequisite of consuming variety of food. Basic activities like biting and chewing can become difficult for you. Moreover, you will be burdening your other teeth by restricting chewing and biting to a specific area of the jaw. This overuse can further damage the remaining teeth.

Difficulty in eating can limit your diet to easy-to-chew food, which will leave out red meat, nuts, and various other essential foods out of your diet. This will ultimately lead to malnutrition, and impact your health in the long-run.

Damage Your Self-Esteem

Missing teeth chips away your confidence; you might avoid smiling in pictures, going out for lunch/dinner in public, or even limit your interaction due to your missing teeth.

Moreover, there are certain professions like sales, hospitality, and PR that requires you to have a confident appearance. Missing teeth will keep you from reaching your full potential in career as well. There are a lot of options for missing teeth; all you need to do is reach out to your nearest dentist in Bethesda.

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