Consequences of Ignoring Oral Problems

Consequences of Ignoring Oral Problems

100% of the American population suffers from dental problems at one point or another. However, only a small percentage visit the dentist regularly to get them checked out right away. Most of us ignore oral problems or take our teeth for granted, because the damage is often not apparent and builds up slowly. People also cite low income, lack of time, and dental anxiety as reasons for not getting the help they need, as research by the American Dental Association shows.

Putting off intermittent tooth problems may not seem like a big deal, but the truth is that your problem and pain will only get worse over time. From full blown cavities to oral cancer, millions of Americans suffer from disabilities as a result of ignoring tooth problems.

What Happens When You Leave Tooth Problems Unattended?

By brushing off oral health and ignoring tooth-related problems, you’re only inviting a future of hurt and pain—all over your body.

Heart Diseases

Bacteria from periodontal diseases can enter a person’s bloodstream and end up creating plaque in your arteries. Atherosclerosis—the hardening of arteries—affects men and women in their 40s and 50s. Blocked arteries are responsible for a number of cardiovascular diseases, like arrhythmia and carotid artery disease.

Lung Infections

Microbiota and pathogens from oral infections can travel to the lungs via airways, saliva, or through blood. These pathogens then cause pulmonary abscesses, pneumonia, and several other respiratory problems.


A diabetic person is most susceptible to catching diseases from dental infections, because of immune dysfunction. Not only is a person with diabetes at heightened risk of getting gum and tooth infections, but those infections are also more likely to affect their glucose level and cause the further progression of the condition, making it a dangerous two-way street.


Anxiety that’s caused by oral problems and visiting the dentist is prevalent in teens and children. Avoiding a trip can make a person more anxious, not to mention the embarrassment caused by bad teeth. 23% of adults feel embarrassed by the deteriorating color and condition of their teeth, while 1 in 4 adults don’t like to smile with full teeth because of dental issues.

While over 40 percent of the Americans put off a visit to the dentists, 85% believe that oral hygiene is critical to maintaining overall health. This shows that factors like costs, insurance problems, and anxiety of taking a trip to the dentist play a huge role in lack of dental care.

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