The Most Common Tooth Injuries

The Most Common Tooth Injuries

Having too much sugar or not brushing your teeth properly makes your teeth vulnerable to tooth decay and cavity. But there are certain other dangers to your teeth as well.

Most common are external injuries. Around 15 million Americans suffer dental injuries every year as a result of recreational sports.

Luckily, modern dentistry allows dental injuries to be treated quickly and effectively. Here are some of the most common types of dental injuries you could face.

Cracked Teeth

A sharp blow to the face can cause a crack to the tooth. In this case, the tooth is fractured but still firmly intact in the gums. The tooth gets cracked from the crown and may extend downward.

There are certain symptoms which may help you get an idea whether your tooth is cracked.

  • there is irregular pain in a tooth
  • there is pain when you eat or drink something
  • there is a piercing pain if you bite down hard
  • the outer shell of a tooth is lost, exposing the dentin.

It is extremely difficult to see a cracked tooth with the naked eye. If you are facing these symptoms after taking a sharp blow to the face, then it will be a good idea to see a dentist.

The treatment could include:

  • Putting a crown to prevent further damage
  • Using filing material to repair the tooth
  • Root canal, if there is infection
  • Tooth extraction, if the damage is severe.

Fractured Root

Getting a fracture in the root of the teeth is quite possible without having a crack in the crown first. It all depends on the way and angle at which you took the blow. This problem may only be detected when an infection develops in the teeth. The sooner you get a root canal, the best.

Dislocated teeth

A tooth can be dislocated from its position while still being intact in the gum. The treatment will involve repositioning of the tooth and splinting it to the teeth beside it. It may also require a root canal, as chances of infection are high.

Broken Tooth

In this case the tooth comes out altogether. You can get a tooth replanted, but you need to act quickly because the root can dry out. Do not touch the root of the broken tooth, and rinse it with cold and clean water.

Within five minutes, place the tooth in a container with your collected saliva in it. Then head off straight for emergency dental care for replacement.

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