Common Diseases Associated With Tooth Loss

Common Diseases Associated With Tooth Loss

Many people are aware that periodontal disease leads to tooth loss. However, that is not the only disease that medical research has associated to tooth loss. In fact, tooth loss can be an early sign of a much serious health condition and possibly a deadly disease.

This is why any patient who is experiencing tooth loss should consult a dentist immediately to get treatment.

Here are a few diseases that have been linked to tooth loss:

Cardiovascular Disease

There’s extensive research about the connection between cardiovascular disease and tooth loss. There are certain gum diseases that lead to peripheral artery diseases and carotid artery plaque.

In addition to that, Chinese researchers have reported that people with missing teeth have a 12% higher chance of having a stroke and 28% higher chance of dying from a heart failure.

Kidney Disease

There are various studies that have shown that tooth loss leads to the development of chronic kidney diseases. That being said, the connection between the two isn’t entirely understood by the medical researchers yet, as more studies are needed in this area.

The link may be entirely casual rather than causal,


According to the American Dental Association, periodontal disease and poor oral hygiene leads to dementia several years later. However, dementia could also be a result of nutritional deficiencies due to limited food choices.

More research needs to be connected to come up with a definitive relationship between the two.


Oral cancer leads to deterioration of the gums, which eventually leads to tooth loss. Moreover, researchers are also trying to establish the link between tooth loss and other forms of cancer, such as lung cancer.

Another study published in the NCBI found a statistical relationship between breast cancer and periodontal disease.

Problems During Pregnancy

Believe it or not, tooth loss can create several complications for pregnant women.

Women undergo several hormonal changes when they are pregnant, which leads to deteriorating dental health. Pregnancy speeds up the periodontal disease, which leads to faster tooth loss. Therefore, it is imperative that women take good care of their teeth and regularly visit their dentist.

Any sort of problem with the oral hygiene can lead to premature birth, preeclampsia and restricted fetal growth.

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