Chipped Tooth! Should You Be Concerned?

Chipped Tooth! Should You Be Concerned?

So you were in wrestling match with a sibling and they gave you a chipped tooth. Should you or should you not go to the dentist?

Is making that trip worth it?

The answer is not no and it’s not yes. It depends on the degree of damage that your activity bought about. It is possible that it is not that big of a deal, but the important factor to consider here is that there are some symptoms you might experience sooner or later.

This is because you have damaged tooth structure and this could make way for more chips and cracks. It also depends on how close the chip is to the root of the as the closeness to the root might mean you need a root canal.


The tooth acts as a barrier between the sensitive nerve in the tooth and any extreme temperature beverage you take. This is why you could develop the problem of sensitivity in the long run if not immediately.

It is advisable to see the dentist as soon as this develops because sensitivity for a longer time can indicate a more serious issue.


Sometimes a tooth may break off and become sharper. This can cause harm to your tongue, especially if it keeps touching the sharp edge of the broken tooth.

Another problem can be that the tooth has not recovered from the trauma and this is why your bite is a bit off.

Other problems can also occur such as trouble chewing. Moreover, the trauma may have changed the position of the jaw joint. It is very important at this point to see a dentist because bone displacement can become a serious issue.


The edges that are created due to the chipping of the tooth can increase your susceptibility to decay by collecting food and bacteria. Not only that but this area can also be more difficult to clean which can increase the likelihood of decay.

There is the possibility of needing root canal if the tooth dentin is exposed. This is the area under the enamel which is more vulnerable to decay and can allow for the infection to reach the root, causing an internal infection.

Bigger than you Imagine

The trauma that affected your tooth may be worse than what you imagine. This is why we recommend going to a professional to get the help you need. It is possible that you may have dislodged the root and a chip is all you can see. A dentist can determine the seriousness of the trauma and also spot the likelihood of a tooth getting discolored, infected or falling out.

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