Wisdom Teeth Removal: Recovery 101

You might need to have your wisdom teeth removed for a number of reasons. They could be impacted—trapped in your jaw bone or gums; there might not be enough space in your mouth to accommodate the new teeth; or they might be erupting at a wrong angle.

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Why a Night Guard is Important for Your Oral Health

Night guards are mainly used to prevent teeth grinding, or bruxism. The National Sleep Foundation reports that 8% of adults in the USA grind their teeth while sleeping, and a third of American parents report symptoms of bruxism in their children. This constant grinding can cause many dental problems down the line. So what exactly

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What Are Dental Implants and How Long Do They Last?

Dental implants are a long-term and effective solution for tooth loss. They are metallic screws placed beneath your gums, in the jawbone. They act the same way as the natural roots of your teeth so that crowns—false teeth—can be supported on them. These implants are made of titanium, infuse with and easily become part of

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Can Pregnancy Cause Oral Problems?

Women who have experienced pregnancy will tell you that there’s no such thing as a universal experience. Every pregnancy is different; while some symptoms such as morning sickness or lower back pain may be fairly common, other women experience a slew of other conditions. One of these is oral problems; Let’s take a look at

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Top Signs You’ve Got Dental Caries

Caries—aka tooth decay—may not be a serious or life-threatening condition, but they can lead to other, much more serious dental and other health problems. From pulp necrosis and oral cancer to pregnancy complications and infertility, ignoring even a small infection or sore can put you in a world of hurt and pain.

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4 Most Common Dental Problems

For most of us, visits to the dentist start pretty early. From the first 6 months until a baby starts teething to the end of their life, it’s impossible to avoid oral problems. There’s a long list of dental problems, and the chances are that you’ve suffered from more than one during your lifetime.

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Consequences of Ignoring Oral Problems

100% of the American population suffers from dental problems at one point or another. However, only a small percentage visit the dentist regularly to get them checked out right away. Most of us ignore oral problems or take our teeth for granted, because the damage is often not apparent and builds up slowly. People also cite low

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