Caring For Dentures—Essential Tips

Caring For Dentures—Essential Tips

As we age, we see an increase in almost everything that life has to offer. This includes responsibilities, relationships, experience, number of children etc. But there are also things we lose—stamina, agility, youth…and our teeth!

While losing a single tooth is upsetting, losing an entire set is much worse. You lose your smile, your jaw line is distorted and eating food becomes a painful task.

The good news is that dentures can save the sinking ship. These are removable teeth which replace your original ones. In 2018, about 0.8 million US citizens used dentures.

It’s essential to give your dentures the care that they need. Here’s how you can do so:

Clean your dentures every day

Just like normal teeth, food and plaque buildup can also make its way to your dentures. Therefore, they need to be cleaned regularly. It’s not advisable to use bleach or normal toothpaste for dentures since its abrasive nature can damage them. Use a soft bristle toothbrush along with mild dishwasher or a special denture cleaning agent instead. Please remember that you can only wash and rinse your dentures after you’ve removed them.

Dentures need care even when they’re not worn

Both your gums and dentures deserve relief.  It’s advised to remove dentures at night so your gums can rest. This is because dentures put pressure on the gums and prolonged contact can make them sore.

Also, a denture’s shape becomes distorted if it’s not getting the required amount of moisture. As per dentists, dentures should be soaked in water overnight. Please make sure that the soaking solution is not too hot to avoid any heat damage.

Don’t repair the dentures yourself

Although a lot of DIY denture maintenance kits are available, they cause more harm to your dentures than they’re worth. These kits tend to weaken the structure of the dentures. Additionally, over-the-counter gels and repair glues can cause damage to your gums too.

If your denture begins losing its shape or cracks, always refer to a dentist to get it fixed.

Visit your dentist frequently

The ADA recommends regular visits to the dentist for better health of both your gums and your dentures. A dentist won’t just recommend the right cleaning solution but will also give you in-depth guidelines on how to take care of your dentures better. They also keep a check on the structure of your dentures to detect any distortion in shape and can easily adjust it to fit the size of your mouth.

Don’t mess up your dentures by trying to fix them yourselves. We’ll do the needful. At Bethesda Dental Health, we offer denture implantation, repair and maintenance services. You can request an appointment online or by calling (301)6541887.


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