3 Telltale Signs You Need a Tooth Filling

For many, tooth ache is quite possibly the worst pain they’ve ever experienced. Tooth ache is one of the main symptoms of tooth decay. In case of decay, if acid secreted by the bacteria builds up further, it leads to formation of holes in the teeth called cavities or dental caries. According to the Centers of Disease

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A Handbook of Dental Crowns

Good oral health boosts your overall confidence and makes you stand out. Are your missing teeth making you self-conscious? Have you considered dental crowns? Dental crowns provide chewing support and improve your overall aesthetics.

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Why you need a Sinus Lift before a Dental Implant

Planning on getting a dental implant? Have you considered getting a sinus lift before that? It may sound vague to you right now, but there’s a strong link between the two. Getting a dental implant before a sinus lift might save your time, but it’ll expose you to a high risk of sinusitis.

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